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"Our manufacturing company has had a steady flow of disappointing parts from various machine shops over the years, to the point it has cost us business. Every time I thought we found our new machine shop, our parts would arrive way off of tolerances, drawing instructions ignored, and sometimes completely unusable.


We have finally found our machine shop that has supplied us with quality, conforming parts every time. Doug has been a pleasure to work with. He is very responsive and goes out of his way to make our parts exactly to our specifications, and follows up to make sure we received the parts and are happy with them.


Not only would I recommend Turn Dynamics to others, I plan to use them as our go to machine shop for all of our machining needs."


James Ferlingere

Quality Plastics

"There was no way we could ramp production quickly enough to meet demand so we knew we had to go outside. We could not find any shops willing to work with our timeline. Then a friend introduced us to Doug at Turn Dynamics. He was willing and able to jump right into our project and he got our butts out of a sling. Thanks Doug!"

Brian Smith

Plant Manager, Smith Tool & Design

"Since beginning our relationship with Turn Dynamics in 2015, we have received our product on time and always made to our unique specifications. This is essential to our own production schedule.


We were in need of an American based Swiss Machine shop that could consistently supply our parts and Turn Dynamics does just that.


Turn Dynamics is committed to their customer's and the products they produce."

Wes Seigler

President SEiGLER Reels, LLC

"As a small business, working with Doug and Turn Dynamics has been a blessing.


Doug's professionalism and attention to detail make him and Turn Dynamics a vital part to our business, a true partner. knowing that Turn Dynamics can turn our needs around on such short notice no matter what.


Quantity is key to our Company's success. Keep up the good work Doug."


​​​​​Forrest Rogers

Co-Founder/Owner Rock Treads

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