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Turn Dynamics, LLC offers swiss screw machining for all of your precision part needs as well as 3D printing and laser etching. While maintaining cost effectiveness, our highly skilled team will meet your unique manufacturing needs by using advanced technology and ingenuity. We seek both short and long term contracts, nationally.


Core Competencies

  • Swiss Screw Machining:

    • Maier MLK 32 Hybrid 7 axis (1)

    • Maier MLK 20 Hybrid 8 axis (1)

    • Maier ML 26 D 10 axis (1)

    • Citizen L20 8 axis (1)

    • Tsugami BO 125 7 axis (4)

  • Multi Spindle

    • Tornos BS 20-8 (2)​

  • Lathe

    • Hardinge HLV H (1)​

  • Mill

    • Rung Fu 9542911 (1)​

  • Quality Control

    • Keyence IM-8030

    • Keyence LS-7601

    • Keyence LS-7030MT

    • Jenoptik Opticline C305 IMR

  • Vapor Degreasing:

    • Branson B950R Degreaser

    • Crest Ultrasonics F100-1010

    • Crest Ultrasonics F100-1812

  • Robotics

    • Universal Robotics UR-10​


Turn Dynamics, LLC houses among the most modern machines on the market today along with state of the art CAD/CAM  software driving those machines. Turn Dynamics, LLC strives to keep the pace with technological advancements providing their skilled team cutting-edge equipment that in return deliver cutting edge results.

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